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LuxCreo Provides the High-performance Dental 3D Printer

LuxCreo's high performance 3D Printer - LuxaDent. Real-time preview of printing process, remote control on the computer side can be realized. High printing precision, stable performance, high integration, strong heat dissipation, and perfect iteration in the later stage.

LuxCreo Provides Full Suite of Dental Resins

LuxCreo is proud to offer a full suite of dental resins for a range of orthodontic needs. From our dental model resin to our surgical guide to our groundbreaking clear material, we have meticulously engineered each product in partnership with dental experts to provide our customers with the best solutions our industry has to offer.

Modeling Resin

Surgical Guide

Denture Base

Gingival Mask

Indirect Bonding Tray

Dental Try-In

Crown and Bridge

Casting Resin



LuxCreo announces partnered launch with industry leader Foshion Dental, October 2020, at DenTech conference.

LuxCreo’s Dental Model Resin is a 3D printable rigid material designed to create highly accurate dental models with low shrinkage. ​Perfect for thermoforming, DMR is designed for applications such as crowns, bridges, implants, and aligners.


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The Future of 3D Printing in Dentistry Services

Introduced three decades ago, 3D printing is transforming dentistry. The market for 3D-printed dental products is expected to reach $930 million by the end of 2025, driven by greater commercialization of printing systems, the need to customize dental products, and the availability of contract 3D printing services.

How to Develop High-Quality Night Guards and Retainers With 3D Printing

3D printing is a viable manufacturing method for volume and customized production in a number of industries, including footwear, aerospace engineering, and dentistry. Used for the last 35 years, 3D printing eliminates several steps from the traditional production method, significantly accelerating development without compromising product quality. 3D printing night guards and retainers offers several benefits for patients and dentists, making it increasingly the preferred method for developing dental devices.


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