1-Click Dental Applications Portfolio

18 Supported Resins, 11 Indications, and Growing!

What is 1-Click?

1-Click: Design → Print → Wash → Cure → Finish

Streamline your entire 3D printing process with 1-Click!

LuxCreo spends many hundreds of man and woman hours to deliver 1-Click workflows for LuxCreo and 3rd Party validated resins. Each 1-Click resin has been validated against LuxCreo’s extensive library of the most challenging appliance designs to ensure optimal support structure, orientation, accuracy, print speed, and fast batching to deliver successful prints every time with only 5 minutes of training.

We have done the hard work so you don’t have to.


1-Click Software: Prepare Dental Models for Printing with LuxFlow

Prepare Model in < 5 Minutes! Training in 5 Minutes!

  • Tailored for Each Appliance: Auto-orientation, support generation, nesting. Save time and reduce manual intervention.
  • Ease of Use: No skills required! Just 1-Click, training in less than 5 minutes.
  • 60%-90% Less Support: Minimum support structure with optimized printing quality for all applications.

We take the guess work out of dental 3D printing.


1-Click Case: All-On-X Denture

All-on-x hybrid denture offers a fixed, stable, and aesthetically pleasing option for individuals missing most or all of their teeth.

1-Click Denture Workflow

  • Auto Orientation and Layout
  • 1-Click support generation (minimum support, no need for manually add/delete/test support structure)
  • 1-Click Print - Wash - Cure

Best In Class Accuracy!

1-Click ILPD Dental