LuxCreo introduces two new open 1K functional elastomers for prototyping and production of 3D printed insoles and bike saddles.

EM 1K-H and EM 1K offer manufacturers better performance, color, price options, and access to LuxCreo Smart Factory Production Services supporting brands such as ASICS and PUMA.

EM 1K-H and EM 1K are designed to significantly advance the prototyping and production capabilities of 3D-printed cushioning applications across consumer applications. These materials are particularly beneficial for cushioning applications in sectors such as footwear and bike saddles, where custom cushioning, resilience, and user comfort are crucial.

EM-1K-H and EM-1K are suitable for a wide range of consumer cushioning applications

EM 1K-H and EM 1K are suitable for a wide range of consumer cushioning applications


More Availability, Flexibility, and Sustainability

Enabling EM 1K-H and EM 1K in 3D printers other than LuxCreo offers brands greater flexibility in prototyping, comparing, and scaling 3D-printed elastomer applications. These single-component materials have a longer pot life, and uncured resin can be reclaimed, giving manufacturers greater control over their facilities, waste volume, and production schedules versus two-part mixed resins.

EM 1K-H: An industry-leading one-part, functional elastomer. 

EM 1K-H is a fast-printing, single-component elastomer that excels in energy return, elongation, and resilience, delivering exceptional fatigue resistance and tear strength suitable for prototyping and finished goods. Remarkably, EM 1K-H and EM 1K have successfully met stringent EU Reach SVHC standards, passed critical skin sensitivity tests such as ISO 10993-10:2010, and adhered to AFIRM RSL and California Proposition 65 requirements, ensuring safety and regulatory compliance.

Both EM-1K-H and EM06s are offered in versatile color options—white, black, and clear or can be customized based on a brand's specific requirements.

Both EM 1K-H and EM 1K are offered in versatile color options—white, black, and clear or can be customized based on a brand’s specific requirements.

High-Performance Energy Return, Resilience, and Strength in All Temps

EM 1K-H is a durable material engineered for strong performance in long-lasting cushioning applications. It boasts impressive tear strength, an ultimate tensile strength (UTS) of 15.75 MPa, and an elongation at break of 387%. Its 72A Shore hardness, -48 °C glass transition temperature (Tg), and 44% rebound resilience make it an ideal choice for use across a wide temperature range, with low water absorption.


EM 1K: Lower Cost Without Compromise 

The EM 1K is a variant of EM 1K-H, designed to have a higher modulus and lower costs. It was tailored to meet the demands for sportswear components, such as custom 3D-printed insoles. EM 1K is the lowest-cost production-grade DLP elastomer available in the market. Using EM 1K, footwear brands can produce cost-effective insole solutions under $5 (in high volume) that deliver optimal performance without compromising compliance.


Accessing LuxCreo Smart Factory Production Services

Complementing the material innovation is access to LuxCreo’s Smart Factory Production Services, which boast over 200 globally distributed 3D printers, currently leveraged by footwear giants such as Asics and others. Brands or OEMs can quickly scale up elastomer production to meet consumer demand without committing to upfront capital equipment costs to produce high-volume 3D printed products in-house.

This service offers flexible production capabilities that allow for efficient development of finished products from digital 3D models, irrespective of the volume. The consistent and high yield across LuxCreo’s printing fleet exemplifies the transformative potential of intelligent manufacturing in the current industrial landscape.


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LuxCreo is leading the way with its latest products, EM 1K-H and EM 1K, which set new standards for single-part material performance and economic production. As manufacturers explore the future of 3D printing, LuxCreo is at the forefront, providing solutions that redefine the limits of innovation, efficiency, and sustainability. To learn more about EM 1K-H, EM 1K, and Smart Factory Production Services, please get in touch with us at