Simplifying Elastic Production for footwear and Medical applications

Mechanical Properties Of EM⁺23

Tear Strength


Tensile Strength


Shore A Hardness


Elongation at Break

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EM+23 is a PU like material with high resilience, tear resistance and low temperature resistance. EM+23 is suitable for elastic cushioning applications such as insole, insole, cushion, neck pillow and protector. It is the preferred material for mass production of elastic parts.

Mechanical Properties U.S. U.S. U.S.
Ultimate Tensile Strength, ISO 37 1.16 ksi 3.22 ksi 2.42 ksi
Elongation at Break, ISO 37 94% 265% 210%
Tear Strength, ASTM D624, Die-C (die cut) 17.13 ibf/in 135.02 lbf/in 155.88 lbf/in
Rebound Resilience, ISO 4662 34% 43% 58%
Thermal Properties, ASTM D648 U.S. U.S. U.S.
Tg (DMA, tan(d)), ASTM D4065 0.3 ℉ -10.26 ℉ -30.46℉

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