fast digitalized Production Workflow 

LuxFlow Features

Simplified Workflow

Open --> Rotate tools --> Edit support structure --> Batch --> Optional Marking tools -->Slice

LuxFlow workflow

Rotate Tools

  • Fixed option: you can scale the part proportionably checking fixed ratio or scale just x,y,z axis separately ​
  • Mirroring: Create a copy of the part displaying the mirrored image
  • Support Generation

  • The support setting in LuxFlow allows the user to automatically apply supports that facilitate optimal printing. ​
  • These supports can be auto-generated using pre-set parameters or set by the user. ​
  • It is also possible to edit or remove the support in specific areas​
  • support

    Batch Tools

  • The batch tool allows multiple models to be created in one print job, while auto-filling maximizing space efficiency on the build plate.
  • Marking TOOLs

  • LuxFlow's marking feature allows the text of your choice to be imprinted on the surface of your printed part.
  • marking

    Slice Tools

  • Utilizing the "slice tool" to generate a few results according to the parameters of your material choice, including print time, print weight, and the required amount of resin.
  • About Us

    LuxCreo’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable manufacturing with 3D printing.