On Demand Webinar: LuxDesign 4D Aligner™ Software Demonstration

Original Air Date: May 31, 2024 @ 12pm EST

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LuxCreo Webinar

Software Demonstration on Direct Print Aligner Shell Design: customized thickness, gap filling, trim-lines and more.


Learn how to design the direct-print 4D Aligner™ shell by using LuxDesign in 1-Click.  Topic covered in this webinar includes:

  1. How to import your original model into LuxDesign software.
  2. How to customize aligner thickness.
  3. How to change the gaps between teeth to vary the aligner tightness.
  4. How to trim the aligners automatically.
  5. How to perform one-click nesting and printing.

And more about the 4D Aligner Program!