LuxCreo bridges the best of both worlds in dental materials. Choose from our proprietary LuxCreo resins or trusted 3rd party options from industry leaders like Keystone and Dreve. Our validated, versatile materials cater to a range of dental applications, from precise surgical guides to comfortable orthodontic trays. Trust in our commitment to your satisfaction and empower your practice with the flexibility to choose what's best for your business. With LuxCreo, future-proof your 3D printers and elevate your dental solutions.


KeySplint Soft


KeySplint Soft by Keystone brings a new level of comfort and durability to dental appliances. Ideal for crafting splints, night guards, and bleaching trays, it blends strength and flexibility to protect teeth from disorders such as bruxism while maximizing patient comfort. Fully biocompatible and in compliance with international medical device standards, KeySplint Soft ensures longevity with a three-year guaranteed shelf life and stain-resistant, color-stable formulation. Once printed, appliances with KeySplint Soft are tough, durable, and easy to clean, offering just enough flexibility for comfort.

KeySplint Hard


KeySplint Hard by Keystone sets the standard for strength and durability in dental appliances. Specially designed for rigid dental splints and night guards, this highly abrasion-resistant resin brings together rigidity and durability for hard splint applications. KeySplint Hard is ideal for applications where tooth immobilization is critical, like retainers and post-trauma splints, and it excels in delivering finer details for complex devices. Fully biocompatible and meeting international medical device standards, it offers both robustness and longevity, making it easy to clean and resistant to staining.

KeyOrtho IBT


Solution for orthodontic procedures, combining precision, strength, and patient comfort. Designed specifically for fabricating indirect bonding trays, it supports precise bracket placement, reduces chair time, and works seamlessly with all general bracket systems. As a Class 1 medical device, it offers an odorless and tasteless formula, making it ideal for patient-friendly orthodontic processes.



KeyGuide by Keystone delivers precision in a package designed for optimal surgical outcomes. Primarily used for fabricating transparent surgical guides, KeyGuide ensures implants are placed with the utmost accuracy in terms of angle and depth. With biocompatibility, high-strength, and the ability to be autoclaved, KeyGuide guarantees safety and longevity.


FotoDent® IBT


FotoDent IBT combines flexibility and precision for ideal orthodontic solutions. This light-curing resin is used for fabricating transparent orthodontic transfer trays, enabling precise bracket placement. FotoDent IBT allows for ongoing verification of correct bracket positions both before and after bonding, ensuring the highest level of accuracy throughout procedures. Its optimal flexibility ensures easy removal, and it's compatible with all common bracket systems.

FotoDent® Tray

FotoDent Tray2

FotoDent® tray2 385/405 nmFor fast, efficient production of dental impression trays, FotoDent tray2 is the ideal choice. This biocompatible, light-curing resin is specially optimized for creating individual impression trays. It features high reactivity with low viscosity and prints two times faster than the previous version, with a possible 300 μm layer thicknesses. Choose FotoDent tray2 for enhanced mechanical properties, simplified cleaning, and rapid production.

FotoDent® Guide

FotoDent Guide 405nm

FotoDent Guide is a light-curing resin specifically for the production of dental drill guides. Dental guides made from FotoDent Guide are dimensionally stable, ensuring a high degree of precision during surgical procedures. Being fully biocompatible, FotoDent Guide ensures safety and effectiveness in dental care. Choose FotoDent Guide for precise, stable, and reliable dental drill guides.

FotoDent® Gingiva


FotoDent Gingiva is a light-curing resin designed specifically for creating dental gingival masks. Permanently soft and flexible, yet resistant to tearing, it guarantees durability and ease-of-use. Its pink color allows for a natural appearance, making it ideal for fast production of highly realistic dental models. Choose FotoDent Gingiva for long-lasting flexibility, optimal workability, and a realistic aesthetic in dental care.

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