Key Strengths
Treatment Memory
Shape Memory & Various Thickness
4D Aligner Workflow

1-Click Automated Workflow​

Validated direct print, same-day clear aligner workflow​.





World's First FDA cleared 510 (k) Class II direct print aligner workflow.

Dental Professionals Recognition


Showcased here are some of the best practices of LuxCreo 4D Aligners. We will keep our promise to serve more dental professionals to embrace the new frontier of orthodontics. Our mission is to simplify and enable more sustainable production with additive manufacturing.


Dr Lisa Alvetro, MSD
Alvetro Orthodontics

"The iLux Pro Dental printer and workflow has created a simplified process that has been easy to integrate into our office's digital system.

The option to adjust the parameter settings in LuxDesign has created a customized and efficient plan for our patients."


Dr Bill Layman, Wharton
Straighten Up Orthodontics

“ I love my iLux Pro Dental workflow. With easy-to-use software and the FDA-cleared aligner resin, we can produce aligners with variable thicknesses for better aligner therapy.

From automated design and nesting to time-saving Digital Polishing™, LuxCreo has thought-out how to drive efficiency for the dental users.“


Dr Mario E. Tai, Harvard
Tai Orthodontics

"The introduction of our 1-click workflow has revolutionized our practice. With LuxDesign, aligners are created in minutes and sent to the iLux Pro Dental printer for rapid production.

The entire process now takes only 2-3 hours. It's a true game changer for modern dentistry."


Dr Eric Wu, Upenn
Wu Orthodontics

“With the iLux Pro Dental and clear aligner solution, I’ve eliminated the waiting or worse rework period after a patient gets their initial scan, as a result my patient chair time is reduced as well as my traditional outsourcing and in-house thermoforming costs, this is a game changer for my practice.”

Dr. Pham

Dr Mike Pham, Baylor
Affordable Dental

"The iLux Pro Dental and LuxDesign software has been a game changer for my practice. LuxDesign has saved my practice 60-75% in labor costs compared to the traditional workflow and has slashed waiting times for my patients.”

4D Aligner™ Patient Wear and Care Guide (FAQ)

LuxCreo 4D Aligner Patient wear and care guide
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Discover How LuxCreo’s Dental 3D Printer Software Can Improve Oral Device Production

LuxDesign and LuxFlow empower dental labs and practices to improve the quality of their oral devices and accelerate production turnaround. Both Design and LuxFlow enable practitioner to condense the most time-consuming aspects of dental device design for greater efficiency and daily yield. The complete parameter controls provided by the software also allow users to make the designs as accurate as possible, helping to ensure an excellent patient fit.

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LuxCreo’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable manufacturing with 3D printing.