Digital Polishing™

75% Reduction in Polishing Time with 80% Higher Clarity

Digital PoIishing™ leads the 3rd wave of digital dentistry automationg dental loboraty and chairside clear appliance production.

The innovation is equiped with LuxCreo's patented LEAP™ platform and clear appliances resin, reducing post-processing time by 75% with 80% higher clarity, making the treatment faster and cleaner.

For dental offices or labs, what they achieve with Digital Polishing is 3x revenue with same workforce.

For dental assistants or orthodontists, Digital Polishing enables them to spend more time with the patients.

For dental technicians, Digital Polishing reduces the dangerous work in post process as one could easily injure themselves during trimming or blocking.

Aligner/Retainer with Digital Polishing

Digital Polishing™ simplifies aligner production
①by producing a clearer aligner with 80% higher clarity and a 75% reduction in polishing time
②consequently decreasing active work time and allowing the orthodontist and dental assistants to spend more time with the patient chairside
③enhance the way dentistists deliver patient care and doctor control

4D Clear Aligner

Splint/Nightguard with Digital Polishing

When Splint/NightGuard resin DNG meets with Digital Polishing™ and Line Supports™, the results are truly remarkable. what you can achieve are
①splints with an incredible 80% higher clarity, providing patients with superior aesthetics and comfort
②remove supports in 1-second
③75% reduction in polishing time, streamlining production and saving valuable resources
④ 3x revenue with same workforce

Why are LuxCreo’s Solutions Better than Other 3D Printing Companies?

LuxCreo’s 3D printing solutions for dental labs and practices offer ease of use and less technical knowledge. Additionally, they provide flexible solutions in terms of build areas and speed, printing resolution and accuracy, post-processing, and scalability.

The hardware, software, and advanced resins were designed holistically to accelerate the adoption of digital dentistry with customizable products. By adopting the 3D printing solutions offered by LuxCreo, dental labs and practices gain the following benefits:

  1. Accuracy and Speed: LuxDesign software can go from digital scan/dental model to aligner in less than four minutes. Advanced materials such as DNG possess industry-leading toughness and biocompatibility. 

  2. Versatility: LuxCreo’s various 3D printing solutions offer options to meet the unique needs of different sized labs and practices. The Lux3+ is a large format printer that can create many appliances in a single batch. The iLux Dental and the iLux Pro Dental are ideal for smaller practices. Whatever your business requirements, LuxCreo has a flexible solution.

  3. Optimized Workflow: LuxCreo’s LuxFlow software provides a fast, digitalized production workflow. Rotate tools include a fixed option and mirroring. Additionally, support generation can be automatically applied or removed. Batch tools make it simple to print multiple appliances in one job. Other features include marking and slice tools.

  4. Reduced Post-Processing: Legacy 3D printing solutions require post-processing steps for retainers, clear aligners, and bite splints, leading to increased production time. LuxCreo’s 3D printing dental solutions enable direct printing of highly accurate clear appliances that require fewer post-processing steps.

  5. Cost: The cost of 3D printers was too high in the early 2000s for private dental practices to invest. Technology advances have lowered the price of 3D printers, with LuxCreo’s solutions offering a lower total cost of ownership compared to other alternatives. Up-front costs are mitigated in the long term with the elimination of shipping and expensive manual labor.

The advantages of dental design solutions by LuxCreo not only benefit dental offices and labs but get passed on to patients who get customized, accurate, and better fit oral devices with trips to the office.

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With such advanced and versatile industrial-grade printers, dental software, and a range of FDA-qualified dental resins, LuxCreo’s 3D printing dental solutions enable dental offices and labs to create accurate and high-performance dental, orthodontic, and restorative modeling.

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