high-performance production polymers 


LuxCreo industry leading materials enable fast, accurate rapid prototyping and high performance production parts scaled for volume production.

EM - 13

Elastic Material

LuxCreo's high performance elastic material EM-13 has excellent elasticity and tear resistance. It is perfect for producing production parts that need to be bent, stretched or compressed hundreds of thousands of cycles without tearing. EM-13 supports a broad number of applications including sports shoe mid-soles, automotive interiors, and industrial suspensions.

TM - 81

Tough Material

LuxCreo's high performance tough material TM-81 is tough and impact resistant. It is an ideal choice for producing functional parts that require withstanding stress or strain. TM-81 has broad applications in industries that include athletics, medical, consumer goods, aviation, and automotive.


LuxCreo’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable manufacturing with 3D printing.

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