On Demand Webinar: Directly 3D Printed Clear Aligners vs Thermoformed

Original Air Date: Sept 22, 2023 @ 8am PST

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Directly 3D Printed Clear Aligners vs Thermoformed

A deep-dive webinar on performance, cost, and new business opportunities for directly 3D printing clear aligners.

• Learn about recent innovations in clear appliances using 3D printing technology and an overview of LuxCreo’s new product —the first FDA-cleared direct 3D print aligner.
• Learn about how directly printed clear aligners compare to thermoformed aligners in terms of efficacy, movement forces, and accuracy.
• Understand the breakdown in equipment, space, and cost when comparing the traditional thermoforming solutions.
• Hear how dentists, orthodontists, and laboratories can develop new business opportunities and easily integrate clear appliance solutions into their facilities and businesses.