What is LuxCreo's LEAP™ Platform?

LEAP™ Technology Platform

Unmatched Capabilities.

LuxCreo's LEAP™ Platform delivers application tuned software, hardware, and materials to improve on today's SLA, DLP, and LCD technologies. LEAP™ Platform simplifies the additive manufacturing process and delivers industry leading transparent printing, fast high-performance elastic printing, and significant labor reduction for sustainable and scalable volume production.

What can you accomplish with LEAP™ Platform?

Digital Polishing™

Print Clear, Transparent Parts with Digital Polishing™ 

DLP & LCD have never been better with LEAP™ Platform Digital Polishing™ solution. Print clear aligners, retainers, and splints with ease and not post-processing polishing steps.  Save 90% labor and 90% material achieving unmatched surface finish.  Additive manufacturing finally delivers on the promise of simplifying manufacturing.


LEAP™ High-Performance Elastic Production

LEAP™ Production Plaform delivers leading elastic production by tuning software, hardware, and high-performance elastic resins to deliver leading elastic product for footwear, medical, automotive, and many other industries. Achieve 10x higher performance and life versus foam. Create more products faster and reduce supply chain risks with global Smart Factory elastic printing services.

Volume Production.

LEAP™ Platform Enhanced DLP

Speed. High Viscosity. Simplified.

LuxCreo LEAP™ Platform tunes software, hardware, and materials to improve DLP 3D printing. Achieve high throughput and simplified production dental and engineering applications for a more sustainable future.

Reinvent Smart Manufacturing with LuxCreo LEAP™ Technology Platform

Manufacturers need to be agile and better respond to changing demand and supply chain risks. LuxCreo is transforming how manufacturers do business by giving manufacturers access to flexible, on-demand production capacity and greater control from prototyping to production. LuxCreo’s smart factory 3D printers allow manufacturers to qualify their designs in-house and instantly scale on the same technology platforms in a smart factory. Users can control production at scale and adopt an agile manufacturing business model with predictable cost structures and lead times.

To learn more on how LuxCreo's smart factory is transforming a consumer business, please read this case study on the mass customization of eyewear.

Manufacturers who want to implement an agile manufacturing strategy should explore LuxCreo’s advanced smart factory 3D printing systems that use a patented LEAP™ (Light Enabled Additive Production) process. Companies in various industries and verticals can leverage flexible, on-demand production in-house or in a Smart Factory with smart factory 3D printers and advanced materials. For more information on how our services can improve your supply chain and manufacturing processes, visit our contact page or call (650) 336-0888.