Four Features of the Best 3D Printer for Dental Models

Advancements in 3D printing have made digital dentistry a more economical option for producing dental models, however, production yield and workflow efficiencies have lagged increases in speed and accuracy. Dental 3D printer producers who develop their own hardware, software, and materials are able to achieve the highest dental model production yield and efficiency, making digital dentistry more accessible to dentists, orthodontists, and labs. 

Accelerating the adoption of dental 3D printing solutions for dental model production requires streamlining the workflow without compromising accuracy, speed, or production yield. LuxCreo’s advancements in 3D printers, materials, software, and production workflow incorporate all of the necessary features a 3D printing production solution requires to make it a leading choice in the market. 

3D-printed dental model

Four Essential Features of the Best 3D Printer for Dental Models

1. Accuracy

The best 3D printer for a dental model produces highly accurate models to significantly reduce post-processing, generating a high-quality product available for same-day delivery versus weeks of lab manufacturing and shipping. LuxCreo printers offer an accuracy value of 99% when comparing the printed model to the dimensions of the CAD design. Their high dimensional accuracy extends to models oriented horizontally on the build tray or rotated 90 degrees to a vertical printing position. Standard 3D printers cannot print vertically without significant support material. 

With LuxCreo’s direct printing solutions, 3D-printed models require minimal post-processing, including clear aligners—eliminating the need for dental models for molding or the post-processing associated with making standard 3D-printed clear aligners. 

Vertical Printing: Next-generation 3D printers print dental models oriented in the z-direction attached to the build platform behind the molars. Batch sizes are maximized versus horizontal printing while achieving high accuracy and speed with less material use.
Horizontal Printing: Traditional 3D printers require dental models to be oriented parallel to the build platform attached at the base to achieve high-accuracy. Resin use is higher per model, the batch size is smaller, and batch printing time is shorter versus vertical printing.

2. Various Build Volumes for Throughput

3D printers capable of scaling production with varying high or low-volume batches increase the cost-effectiveness of 3D printing dental models. LuxCreo’s 3D printers produce high-quality appliances with the parts oriented horizontally or vertically and scale while maintaining accuracy at large build volumes. 

Their advanced 3D printing hardware allows materials to adhere to the build platform to make it possible to print models in any orientation and increase the opportunity to scale production. While batches with a lower Z height (parts oriented parallel to the print bed) print faster, they produce smaller batch sizes. For comparison, if a batch-oriented horizontally produced seven to eight pieces, a batch-oriented vertically would produce 17-20 pieces over a longer period. 

3. High-Speed Printing

High-speed printing and accuracy equate to faster production, resulting in substantially reduced turnaround time. LuxCreo’s DLP printers have high printer speeds, with the fastest model having print speeds as fast as 86mm/hour. LuxCreo’s printers range from an under 40-minute printing process with the iLux to a less than nine-minute printing process with the Lux 3 or Lux 3+ for producing an aligner. The range of LuxCreo industrial and chairside 3D printing solutions for dental/orthodontist practices or labs offers high throughput production options that meet their current and growing needs. 

4. High Production Yield

3D printers for dental models capable of scaling production must print consistently and at a high yield. In a production setting, both chairside and high-volume lab production requires high accuracy and consistency batch to batch on the same machine and between machines. If 3D printers for dental models do not produce consistently, then there will be a high scrap rate, reprints, and the need to print entire patient treatment plans on a single printer leading to inefficient production.

Combining 3D Printers with Advanced Materials and Software

Combining advanced 3D printing technology with the latest resins and leading software brings the highest accuracy, efficiency, and production yield to dental model manufacturing. The benefits of tuning dental resins, software, and 3D printing hardware for fast dental model production include: 


Using the latest 3D-printable resins compatible with the most advanced 3D printers effectively minimizes post-processing. Standard 3D printing materials require long post-processing or expensive nitrogen purged curing systems. However, LuxCreo’s dental resins enable flexible production workflow, ensure high accuracy with low shrinkage, and high yield with strong mechanical properties at leading printing speeds. Resins are designed for fast and simplified post-processing that minimizes total production time. For example, when LuxCreo’s resin is paired with its technology, washing, and curing take four minutes, respectively.


Proprietary dental software, like LuxCreo’s software suites, further streamlines the production process. LuxCreo created streamlined 3D printing and dental software that leverages machine learning to simplify and automate the designing and print preparation process while eliminating steps for an easy-to-use interface. LuxCreo’s software products work to maximize accuracy and throughout with high printing speeds. Solutions like LuxLink, LuxFlow, and LuxAlign simplify the digital process and reduce the need for specialized technicians. 

Combining 3D printers with high-quality resins and advanced software enhances dental appliance production. Processes like creating study models that would typically take several weeks can now print chairside for fast turnaround with advanced 3D printing solutions. LuxCreo’s holistic 3D printing approach allows same-day and same-visit printing of study models, dental models, aligners, retainers, and night guards, simplifying the process. 

Next Generation Direct Printing Clear Aligners 

Building on the core pillars of LuxCreo’s platform (software, hardware, and resins), LuxCreo is transforming dental appliance 3D printing enabling direct printing dental appliances for same-day and same-visit service. This next evolution of 3D printing eliminates the need for dental models or thermoforming processes and equipment and production steps.

Our direct print aligner, retainer, and night guard 3D printing solutions simplify the production process by eliminating the need for dental models saving 90% material and 90% of the labor used in thermoforming aligner manufacturing. Appliances are printed clear, eliminating polishing steps, and support structure removal and buffing take less than one minute for an aligner, retainer, or night guard instead of the 10-20 minutes per step with other 3D printing systems. 

LuxCreo is an Industry Leader in 3D Printing Dental Models

LuxCreo creates industry-leading printing solutions focused on simplifying digital dentistry, decreasing turnaround time, and enabling more flexible production for dental labs, orthodontic offices, and dental offices. Innovation is central to our mission to simplify digital dentistry and help our customers improve their current production speed, quality, and efficiency while delivering new capabilities that make digital dentistry accessible. Patients will benefit more as dentists, orthodontists, and labs use a 3D printing solution that increases their quality and efficacy in producing dental models and dental appliances without an extensive learning curve. 

LuxCreo’s patented and innovative LEAP (Light Enabled Additive Production) process, along with its advanced software suites and materials, makes 3D printing dental models more efficient and cost-effective. Visit our contact page for more information on how our products can streamline your dental appliance production, or call 1-650-336-0888.

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