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Modern 3D printers can now utilize medical-grade resins with high accuracy and greater efficiency, enabling medical manufacturers to design devices that perform better, last longer, and cost less than traditional methods. Medical 3D printing makes it easier to scale from prototyping to production, reducing production risk, and increasing manufacturing agility, among other benefits.

LuxCreo integrates industry-leading software, high-throughput printers, and high-performance, medical-grade resins to create a comprehensive solution for medical 3D printing. Designed to work together, LuxCreo’s solutions ensure high accuracy on the first print in medical device production, ensuring patients receive the best quality of care possible, at the best cost, no matter their ailment. And, because each LuxCreo printer seamlessly integrates to an external Smart Factory, users can access LuxCreo’s full library of resins, color, and additional printers, in order to get devices created as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Smart Factory 3D Printing Solutions for Medical Operations

LuxCreo’s smart factory 3D printing technology benefits medical device creation through its ability to be more nimble during product development. This enables personalized medical devices that may be near impossible or incredibly time-consuming to produce using traditional methods. LuxCreo’s medical 3D printing technology can support large medical manufacturing companies, hospitals, and smaller specialized offices, addressing the varying business needs for each, including varying output demands.

Smart Factory 3D Printing Solutions for Medical Manufacturers: Medical manufacturers are essential for smaller medical practices and hospitals alike. They partner with multiple clients, printing standardized and customized products at varying production rates. Medical manufacturers require industrial-grade Smart Factory 3D printers like the Lux 3Li+ to keep up with demand.

  • Lux 3Li+ has the largest build area for functional prototyping and production, enabling printing for larger parts such as prosthetics. Built for high throughput production, it can also print various medical products simultaneously in a single batch.
  • Powered by LuxCreo’s LEAP™ platform, the Lux 3Li+ enables users to utilize LuxCreo’s Digital Polishing™ automation, eliminating the need for post-processing, while providing fast, high-performing printed parts for unmatched product performance.
  • Integrated directly with LuxCreo’s global smart factories, users can enjoy greater agility in device production with predictable costs and lead times.

3D Printing Solutions for Hospitals: Medical 3D printing technology makes it easier for hospitals to create cutting-edge technology in-house. Hospitals print a range of products, including patient-matched prosthetics, surgical guides, educational models, and various medical devices. They require industrial-grade Smart Factory 3D printers from the Lux 3+ series.

  • The Lux 3+ series are large format printers built for functional prototyping and production. These high-throughput, high-yield printers produce highly accurate, versatile parts in a single batch for maximum efficiency without sacrificing quality.
  • Powered by LuxCreo’s LEAP™ platform, the Lux 3+ enables users to utilize LuxCreo’s Digital Polishing™ automation, eliminating the need for post-processing, while providing fast, high-performing printed parts for unmatched product performance.

3D Printing Solutions for Specialized Offices: Medical 3D printers allow specialized offices to make products such as casts, splints, and more, in-house. 3D printing technology gives specialists easy access to complete customization based on scans with exceedingly fast printing times ranging from minutes to hours. Offices low on space can utilize desktop-sized printers from the iLux Pro series.

  • The iLux Pro series includes desktop smart factory 3D printers for producing highly accurate, customized products quickly. These compact printers support functional prototyping and production and have the added benefit of being integrated with LuxCreo’s smart factories for additional agility.
  • Powered by LuxCreo’s LEAP™ platform, the iLux Pro series enables users to utilize LuxCreo’s Digital Polishing™ automation, eliminating the need for post-processing, while providing fast, high-performing printed parts for unmatched product performance.

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Product Innovation with Medical 3D Printing Technology

LuxCreo’s 3D printing solutions bring product innovation to the forefront of medical manufacturing. Utilizing industry-leading hardware, intuitive software, and medical-grade resins, products are easily customized and more durable and biocompatible.

Medical Footwear

Medical footwear includes orthopedic shoes, diabetic footbeds, diabetic insoles, and more. Medical smart factory 3D printing has the ability to create more durable products for higher performance and a longer life span, which is essential for patients who required specialized footwear. Smart Factory 3D printing significantly reduces the time needed for custom fabrication, and with LuxCreo’s lattice design, products have more breathability and better support for improved wound healing.

Medical Devices

Medical smart factory 3D printing technology opens avenues for printing medical devices such as braces, surgical instruments, implants, and more. 3D printing advancements allow medical devices to be completely customized to unique surgical use-cases or patient scans and measurements. Creating a device with 3D printing provides increased product strength and stability for improved fracture healing, spine stabilization, and more. 3D printing also introduces waterproof attributes to medical devices.


Large format smart factory 3D printers allow for printing entire prosthetics in one batch. These products have enhanced biocompatibility and are easily attuned to the patient’s walking pattern for improved stability. 3D printing prosthetics produce lighter products than traditional manufacturing, and with LuxCreo’s lattice design, products are more durable and breathable, while reducing the risk of site infection.

Educational Models

Educational models include surgical training models, surgical guides, pre-op models, among others. The customization and accuracy provided by 3D printing allow doctors to display proper techniques during training, show highly accurate anatomical structures, and test out implants or surgical routes. Models are easily printed using CT scans, MRI scans, or ultrasounds and are resilient enough for increased reusability.

LuxCreo Materials and Software

LuxCreo provides a comprehensive range of medical-grade resins and 3D printing software created to work with advanced smart factory 3D printing systems for hospitals, manufacturers, and specialists. Unlike most materials and software on the market, LuxCreo's solutions are developed with on-demand production in mind for minimal manual overhead.


LuxCreo's specialized resin line includes materials optimized for medical applications. Many hospitals, manufacturers, and smart factories 3D print medical devices, including custom medical orthotics, diabetic footbeds, diabetic insoles and shoes, and much more. Combining LuxCreo's materials and hardware enables the production of more accurate and durable medical devices that are significantly more cost-effective than those made using traditional medical manufacturing processes. LuxCreo’s elastic resins provide superior resilience and performance, with the EM+23 passing the "ISO 10993-10:2010 Biological evaluation of medical devices-Part 10: Tests for irritation and skin sensitization.” Tough resins produce exceptionally durable medical protective gear, and washable resins are ideal for reusable medical models.

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LuxCreo's suite of software products, LuxFlow, and LuxGen, simplify design and manufacturing for a wide range of medical devices. LuxFlow helps ensure maximum throughput by helping optimize model placement and orientation on the build platform. In addition, it offers the user the ability to adjust the autogenerated structural supports manually, and controls surface finish and z-axis control, eliminating excess base material.

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Make LuxCreo Your 3D Printing Solution

LuxCreo enables hospitals and medical manufacturers to create the most efficient digital workflow for manufacturing advanced custom medical devices. Our smart factories are integrated seamlessly into each printer, and provide additional agile 3D printing solutions with increased design and production freedom and reliably quick turnaround service. With medical 3D printing becoming more affordable, fast, and efficient than ever before, LuxCreo’s advancements provide hospitals, medical manufacturers, and specialized offices with printing systems, materials, and software to help digitize business models, increase product durability, and provide patients with highly tailored medical devices needed to improve their quality of life.

LuxCreo’s hardware, resins, software, and patented LEAP™ (Light Enabled Additive Production) technology enable mass production of highly accurate and biocompatible medical products. We provide solutions for on-demand in-house production or outsourcing options to a Smart Factory with cloud-connected 3D printers.

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