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iLux Pro Dental 白色 Splint - 副本2

Simplified Workflow

  • 3x Revenue with same workforce
  • 80% Higher clarity
  • 75% Reduction in polishing time

LuxAlign creates aligners, retainers and nightguards from scan / dental model in less than 4 minutes.

It is possible to configure aligner thickness, gap, and other parameters, streamlining the process and have the final clear aligner model within minutes, ready to print in the industrial Lux 3+ Dental Printers.

iLux Pro Dental DLP 3D Printer with Digital Polishing™ provides first-of-its-kind simplified production for clear splints, retainers, and aligners for clinics & laboratories.

iLux Pro Dental Same-Day-Delivery” solution delivers high-accuracy and high-throughput production for dental laboratories & clinics.

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LuxCreo’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable manufacturing with 3D printing.

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