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Dental Printers

Dental Printers

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Key Benefits

  • Print in batches: Models from multiple patients can be automatically arranged and printed in batches.
  • Minimal post-processing: Traditional processes require multiple manual steps including grinding and polishing to produce a finished dental model. 3D printing clear aligners directly streamlines production as the model directly prints from a digital model then washed and cured .
  • Faster treatment planning: By reducing total print time, treatment plans finalize and execute faster, leading to a more positive patient experience.
  • Reduce labor costs: On average, dental offices can save thousands of dollars a month on labor costs when they select the right solution.

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Dental Materials

DMR is a 3D printable rigid material designed to create highly accurate dental models with low shrinkage. Perfect for thermoforming, DMR DMR II is a rigid dental model resin that can be printed quickly. It has excellent mechanical properties and vertical printing capabilities, and can achieve high-precision vertical printing. 

Dental Model Resin II

Dental Model For High-Precision, High Accuracy

  • High-strength physical properties.
  • DMR II material can be easily removed from the forming table.
  • Easy to clean.

Flexural Strength


Flexural Modulus


Tensile Strength


Tensile Modulus

DMR II - dental model resin (1 Liter)
DMR_Hand holding on printer


High Accuracy And Clinically Acceptable For Orthodontics

Compared to average 3D printing processes like fused filament fabrication (FFF) or stereolithography (SLA), digital light processing (DLP) provides highly accurate 3D-printed dental appliances.


Simple Digital WorkFlow

  • Scan: Users take an intraoral scan of the patient’s mouth and store it as a digital file. They then convert the scan into a solid model using an .STL file and may choose to add supports to orient the model correctly. Multiple models can also be placed in the build area for batch printing.
  • Print: After selecting the appropriate resin, the user sends the model files directly to the printer, and the 3D printing machine prints the devices. After printing, the user removes the models from the build area and trims any support structures.
  • Wash and Cure: Lastly, the user quickly washes, cures, and trims the appliance before providing it to the patient. The gloveless process steps are completed in minutes and elevate patient satisfaction with same-day service, reduces follow-up visits for fit adjustment, and frees up time for dental offices to see more patients.
DMR_facing Computer

iLux Desktop Printer

iLux series of production and prototyping desktop printers achieves leading printing speeds. Ilux is the first desktop printer to master high-viscosity printing resins in a compact desktop form factor.

Lux Industrial Printer

Lux series of production printers power LuxCreo Smart Factories and customer high-throughput production and prototyping needs. Lux enables leading printing speeds up to 15 cm/hour enabled by LuxCreo's patented blend of fast printing resins, artificial intelligence, and LEAP technology.

Dental Customer Success - Wu Orthodontics

"The speed, consistency and value that Luxcreo's 3d printers and resin provides is outstanding!  My previous printers had numerous recurring issues along with a 20 percent misprint rate that was unsustainable for a high volume orthodontic practice.  Working with Luxcreo over the last several years has been an absolute dream!"

 Eric Wu DMD, President, Wu Orthodontics

Dr wu

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