Best 3D Dental Printer for Dental Labs and Practices

Dental labs and offices spend a significant amount of time creating custom products for patients. With 3D printing dental solutions, practitioners can streamline production workflows and improve the patient experience. They need the best 3D dental printers that support multiple products, such as nightguards, retainers, aligners, and surgical guides.

Dental practices and labs that want to update production processes for these products and improve experiences for patients can bring advanced 3D printers in-house and take advantage of the flexibility. Finding the best 3D dental printer that can support a broad range of dental products can be challenging. LuxCreo’s holistic and integrated approach to 3D printing solutions offers many competitive advantages over other systems in the market. Here’s why.

What is the Best 3D Printer for the Dental Industry?

The best 3D dental printers provide flexible printing processes that are compatible with a range of regulator / FDA-approved dental resins. Digital light processing (DLP) 3D printers along with photoinitiated resins have made significant advancements, providing high throughput printing, requiring minimal post-processing, and producing products with strong material properties and durability. The challenge is finding 3D printing systems that are easy to use as well as being cost-competitive with traditional dental manufacturing processes. LuxCreo is an innovative 3D printer manufacturer dedicated to serving dental offices and labs with versatile, easy-to-use printers, and a range of advanced materials. LuxCreo’s DLP printers and printing process use advanced resin-based materials to produce dental products, footwear, and other production parts. Using 3D dental printers from LuxCreo, dental practitioners can manufacture a range of products with a single integrated solution that includes dental printers, software, and materials. 

LuxCreo vs. Average Market Printer

LuxCreo offers a line of 3D dental printers includes Lux 3+, iLux Pro, and iLux Dental Desktop as well as a range of dental resins for direct 3D printing of multiple dental products. Dental practices and labs of any size can bring these systems in-house to produce dental appliances. With a fast production turnaround time, LuxCreo’s 3D printers enable new business models, such as dental practices providing same-day service on-demand manufacturing services from dental labs. Compared to other 3D printers on the market, LuxCreo’s 3D printers offer several advantages to dental offices and labs:

  • Minimal post-processing: Dental products can print directly from an intraoral scan of a patient’s mouth. The finished product requires little post-processing before ready for use. 
  • High accuracy: Enhancements to DLP projectors and resin-printing techniques provide high resolution for producing fine features.
  • Larger print volume: LuxCreo offers DLP printers that are scaled for larger build volumes than other printers, enabling printing of multiple products or pieces in a batch for a single printing run.
  • Fast printing speed: LuxCreo’s DLP printers have high z-axis printing speeds enabling fast part production. The fastest LuxCreo machine can print as fast as 86 mm/hour (please check the LuxCreo product pages for up-to-date numbers). With this speed, for example, LuxCreo 3D dental printers can produce dental models in 35 minutes with vertical orientation and maximum batch size. 

The table below shows a comparison of LuxCreo’s 3D printers for dental products. These systems produce clear and opaque accurate products as fast as one minute or less per part.

ProductBuilt forAdvantages
Lux 3+ Dental-Dental labs
-Supports LuxCreo’s dental resins
-Highest throughput option 4 times faster than the iLux Pro
-Eliminates steps and minimizes post-processing 
-Directly prints dental products such as aligners, retainers, and dental models
-Prints clear products
iLux Pro-Larger practices and small labs
-Supports LuxCreo’s dental resins

-Fastest desktop dental printer
-Eliminates steps and minimizes post-processing
-Directly prints dental products such as aligners, retainers, and dental models
-Prints clear products
iLux Dental Desktop-Small practices
-Supports LuxCreo’s dental resins
-Entry-level printer for small practices
-Prints translucent

LuxCreo vs. Other 3D Printing Companies

Focus on Production Manufacturing First

Many 3D printing companies evolved from serving the prototyping market rather than developing solutions that focus on a scalable, production manufacturing solution. As prototyping companies try to support production, they may scale up prototyping processes instead of building solutions that are designed for production, such as automating instead of eliminating post-production processes. The total solution cost for scaling up prototyping workflows can quickly become very expensive with additional hardware costs, consumables, and extensive manual labor.

LuxCreo develops production-first dental 3D printing solutions. Simplifying the 3D printing process and reducing production steps, LuxCreo enables chairside “same day” turnaround aligners, retainer, and night guards. In addition, for greater production flexibility and scalability, LuxCreo enables orthodontic and dental offices fast access to the cloud-connected smart factory and dental lab offsite production with digitalized order and production workflow. 

Complete Software Suite

LuxCreo has applied its production-first mindset to solve problems beyond the best 3D printer solutions of today by developing a suite of dental-specific software applications to further streamline the process of digitally creating dental appliances. LuxAlign, LuxFlow Dental, and LuxDental fill gaps in current dental software solutions by eliminating and automating steps to make digital dentistry with 3D printing easier and faster. 

The table below highlights the advantages of LuxCreo’s LuxAlign, LuxFlow Dental, and Luxdental software. When combined, these software solutions reduce and simplify the entire workflow from intraoral scans to 3D-printed parts. 

ProductBuilt forAdvantages
LuxAlign-Clear aligner and retainer design-Design clear aligners and retainers in 3-4 minutes
-Machine learning automation of design steps to simplify use
LuxFlow Dental-Full-featured batching and slicing software 
-Supports all of LuxCreo’s dental resins
-Maximize production throughput and accuracy for iLux Pro Dental and Lux 3+ Dental 
-Industry-leading printing speed
-Clear printing of aligners, retainers, night guards
LuxDental-Small practices -Leading dental software for print preparation
-Ensures printing accuracy and printing speed

Dedicated to Continuous Innovation

LuxCreo differs from many other 3D printing companies in that there are dedicated development and engineering teams for materials, software, and hardware. The teams work together to continuously improve the performance of the vertically integrated industry solutions. Innovation spans beyond technology to a new delivery model that gives customers an easier option to scale products to high volume production with a cloud-connected smart factory.

This innovative approach allows LuxCreo to create and customize workflows and build new products to support dental practitioners as they produce a wide range of dental appliances making for an easier to learn and use dental solution. 

LuxCreo is Changing Dental Manufacturing

LuxCreo focuses on creating an easy experience for dental practitioners and labs with the vertically integrated solution that includes Luxadent software Lux printers, and dental resin blends for various dental products. Dental practitioners can take advantage of a single, adaptable dental printing system to produce multiple dental products without extensive training. LuxCreo’s 3D printing solutions will update and elevate your practice.

LuxCreo’s patented LEAP™ (Light Enabled Additive Production) process is used in advanced 3D dental printers to produce dental models, implants, nightguards, and much more. Take advantage of flexible on-demand production with cloud-connected 3D printers in a Smart Factory for on-demand production of dental products with FDA-approved materials. For more information on how our products and services can improve your production, manufacturing, or supply chain processes, visit our contact page or call (650) 336-0888.

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