Top Seven Industries for Additive Manufacturing Applications

By Smart Factory Team / November 11, 2021

Additive manufacturing offers innovations, process improvements, and greater agility to many industries, including aerospace, dental, medical, and automotive. 3D printers are versatile and can produce complex or customized products. Manufacturers…

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3D-printed dental model

Four Features of the Best 3D Printer for Dental Models

By Dental Team / October 14, 2021

Accelerating the adoption of dental 3D printing solutions for dental model production requires streamlining the workflow without compromising accuracy, speed, or production yield. LuxCreo’s advancements in 3D printers, materials, software, and production workflow incorporate all of the necessary features a 3D printing production solution requires to make it a leading choice in the market.

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3D printing occlusal splint

Four Benefits of 3D Printing Occlusal Splints

By Dental Team / October 1, 2021

Many jaw alignment disorders involve treatment with occlusal splints, a product customized to fit a patient’s mouth and bite pattern. These customized orthodontic devices guide the jaw into proper alignment…

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3D Printed dental crowns

CNC Milling vs. 3D Printing Dental Crowns and Bridges

By Dental Team / September 23, 2021

3D printing is increasingly a more efficient method for producing dental parts such as aligners and retainers. Advanced 3D printing technology allows it to compete with traditional processes, such as CNC milling and sintering, to produce dental crowns and bridges.

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Evaluating Scalable 3D Dental Printing Solutions for Dental Practices

By Dental Team / September 10, 2021

If you need to produce high-volume quantities of simple and very inexpensive products, then 3D printing processes may not provide significant advantages. However, there are many applications of 3D printing where it solves many production pain points felt by manufacturers. Here’s what you need to know about high-volume additive manufacturing and applications where 3D printing can provide the most value.

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3D-printed indirect bonding tray

Three Benefits of 3D-Printed Indirect Bonding Trays

By Dental Team / August 10, 2021

Dental procedures involve precise manual processes, both when working in a patient’s mouth and fabricating dental appliances. Products like clear aligners and night guards require manual fabrication and finishing steps…

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Custom 3D-printed dental retainer

Manufacturing High-Quality 3D-Printed Dental Retainers

By Dental Team / August 4, 2021

Streamlining digital dentistry is a faster and more cost-effective way to produce dental retainers. Traditional processes require potentially multiple visits to the dentist or orthodontist’s office for impressions and molding, along with several weeks of waiting for a dental lab to produce and ship the appliance. Advancements in 3D printing are significantly reducing dental retainer production time and costs and improving quality and accuracy.

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Evaluating the Accuracy of 3D Printing Dental Models and Clear Aligners

By Dental Team / July 16, 2021

Custom products like dental models need scalable manufacturing processes. Practitioners use dental models for treatment planning and demonstration. Unfortunately, the traditional method for manufacturing dental models involves many costly and…

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3D printed retainer

Why Bring 3D Printed Retainers Into Dental Labs and Practices?

By Dental Team / July 13, 2021

Digital dentistry workflows have included 3D printers since the late 1990s. Dental professionals saw the technology’s potential to create custom oral appliances at a rapid pace. However, the size and…

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3D printer dental resin

3D Printer Dental Resin and Material Evaluation Guide

By Dental Team / July 7, 2021

Advanced printers have improved printing techniques and are compatible with new 3D printer dental resins. These advanced resins support a variety of dental applications, including clear aligners and retainers. 3D printing dental solutions enable new production methods and business models for practitioners and dental labs and require resources for evaluating the range of available 3D printer dental resins. The following comprises a short guide on selecting the best 3D printable resins for different dental appliances.

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