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Dental Printers

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Key Benefits

Simplify clear aligner manufacturing using LuxCreo's Solutions.

  1. Print in batches: Vertically printing stacked models and other dental products using DLP systems which provide a higher throughput.
  2. Minimal post-processing: 3D printing clear aligners directly streamlines production as the model directly prints from a digital model then washed and cured.
  3. Faster treatment planning: A batch can print in approximately one hour with a 3D printing process like clear printing enabled DLP systems.
  4. Reduce labor costs: With fewer steps and less manual overhead, DLP 3D printing clear aligners directly reduces labor costs for making highly accurate dental models.

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Dental Materials

LuxCreo provides a suite of dental resins customized for a number of orthodontic applications.

DNG offers for the first time direct-print retainers, nightguards, and dental splints with a clear material and minimal postprocessing.

Dental Night Guard

Tough and Biocompatible 

  • Direct clear print retainers, night-guards, and dental splints
  • Industry-leading toughness and biocompatibility
  • Engineered for high speed 3D printing maximum throughput

Flexural Strength


Flexural Modulus


Tensile Strength


Elongation at Break

night gurad

Simple Digital WorkFlow

LuxCreo simplifies aligner and retainer manufacturing with direct clear printing in 4 simple steps using LuxCreo’s iLux Pro and Lux 3+ Dental 3D printers and DNG resin.


Lux Industrial Printer

Lux series of production printers power LuxCreo Smart Factories and customer high-throughput production and prototyping needs. Lux enables leading printing speeds up to 15 cm/hour enabled by LuxCreo's patented blend of fast printing resins, artificial intelligence, and LEAP technology.

iLux Desktop Printer

iLux series of production and prototyping desktop printers achieves leading printing speeds. ilux is the first desktop printer to master high-viscosity printing resins in a compact desktop form factor.

Dental Customer Success - Wu Orthodontics

 Eric Wu DMD, President, Wu Orthodontics

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