No. 1 Direct Print Clear Aligner Software

From Scan/Dental Model to Aligner in less than 4 minutes

Simplified Workflow

LuxAlign creates aligners, retainers and nightguards from scan/ dental model in less than 4 minutes. It is possible to configure aligner thickness, gap, and other parameters, streamlining the process and have the final clear aligner model within minutes, ready to print in the industrial Lux 3+ Dental Printers.


Managing Patients and Cases

  • Addeditand delete patients
  • Add new cases for different patients
    • Upload dental model STLs
  • See and edit cases

Gap Filling & Boundary Adjustment

  • Automatic or manual gap filling to enhance fit and comfort for patient
  • Draw and adjust boundary to create aligner, nightguard or retainer model
Shell creation
LuxAlign_alinger export model

Configure and Create Aligner Model

  • Edit parameters for the shell creation
    • Gap
    • Thickness
    • Support Spacing
    • Material Compensation

Full Batch Nightguards & Retainers

  • Print a full batch of clear aligners, retainers and nightguards in less than 30 minutes
LuxCreo’s LuxAlign design direct print clear aligners batched in LuxFlow slicing software.

About Us

LuxCreo’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable manufacturing with 3D printing.