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Dental Printers

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DMR III is a 3D printable rigid material designed to create highly accurate restoration model with low shrinkage. It has excellent mechanical properties and vertical printing capabilities, and can achieve high-precision vertical printing. The DMR III material can be easily removed from the forming table and is extremely easy to clean. With its high-strength physical properties and good surface properties. 

LuxCreo Dental Printers

Lux Industrial Printer

World's Fastest Production 3D Printer

Lux series of production printers power LuxCreo Smart Factories and customer high-throughput production and prototyping needs. Lux enables leading printing speeds up to 15 cm/hour enabled by LuxCreo's patented blend of fast printing resins, artificial intelligence, and LEAP technology.

World's Fastest Desktop 3D Printer

iLux series of production and prototyping desktop printers achieves leading printing speeds. iLux is the first desktop printer to master high-viscosity printing resins in a compact desktop form factor.

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