Digital Dentistry

Take control of your practice with confidence. LuxCreo delivers superior and automated dental treatments through integrated software, hardware, resins, and services.

We do the hard work so you don't have to.

"At LuxCreo, we invent groundbreaking capabilities such as our 4D Aligner™ System, Digital Polishing™, and 1-Click™ digital automation to revolutionize dental appliances and simplify digital dentistry.”

Michael Strohecker, Co-Founder, LuxCreo

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Industry Partner

As a trusted partner, LuxCreo works closely with dental clinics and laboratories to transform digital dentistry.

Customer Success

We are committed to the success and growth of our clinical and laboratory customers.

Product Excellence

Our end-to-end product focus delivers transformative solutions that our customers need now and in the future.

Service for Scale

Our support and professional services teams empower our partners to achieve their production and growth goals.

"With LuxCreo's mission to simplify sustainable production with additive manufacturing, we found a partner who shares our core value of improving the lives of dentists and their patients through digital innovations that make dentistry easier and more effective."


Robert Brenneise

Chief Growth Officer, Glidewell Dental

A Powerful Community
Driving Change

Simple to Learn,
Simple to Use

Take Control. 4D Aligner™ System.

Take control of orthodontic treatments with precise 4D Aligner™ movements and 1-Click automation.

Dental & Medical
Simplify Digital Workflow

Simplify dental and medical treatments with our end-to-end,  3D printing, and 1-Click workflow.

Grow With Digital Automation.

Boost production with our industrial, 1-Click 3D printing solutions, professional services.

1-Click Digital Automation

We have done the hard work so that you don’t have to! 1-Click makes 3D printing digital workflow easy to train and easy to use.

iLux Pro Dental Solution

We strive to be an outstanding and highly strategic partner to the dental and medical industries from design through production excellence.


LuxCreo iLuxWash and iLuxCure  products take the guesswork out of post-processing. 3D printing has never been easier or more reliable.

Empowering Clinics and Laboratory Leaders


"The iLux Pro Dental printer and workflow has created a simplified process that has been easy to integrate into our office's digital system. The option to adjust the parameter settings in LuxDesign has created a customized and efficient plan for our patients."

Dr Lisa Alvetro, MSD
Owner, Alvetro Orthodontics

Transform and Grow

30 Minutes to Smile

According to recent studies, more than 50% of braces and clear aligner patients relapse. Now with our 4D Aligner™ System, with only 30 minutes of labor, you can quickly put your patients back on track to a beautiful smile.

2-Hour Workflow

4D Aligner™ System is simple to learn and simple to produce. Complete workflow in 2 hours. 

6x Productivity

Patented Digital Polishing™ eliminates 90% of polishing labor. It’s never been easier to produce clear aligners, retainers, and splints in the office or laboratory.

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