Dental 3D Printing Applications and Use Cases

3D printing brings the benefits of digital dentistry to dental practitioners and dental laboratories. Digital workflows provide a more accurate and efficient alternative to manufacturing dental products with significantly reduced manual labor. 

LuxCreo provides dental 3D printing application-specific solutions to dental offices and labs with our industrial 3D printers, customized dental resins, and innovative software. LuxCreo's range of specialized 3D printers offers flexibility and support to meet the needs of dental offices and labs alike with same-day services and higher throughput. 


3D Printers for Distinct Dental Applications

LuxCreo has several options to meet the needs of various dental 3D printing applications. The following dental 3D printers support the demand requirements for larger dental labs and smaller dental and orthodontist practices.

iLux for Dental Practitioners: iLux Dental 3D printers are suitable for dentist and orthodontist offices. iLux brings dental device production in-house for higher cost-effectiveness and quicker turnaround service. iLux Desktop Dental 3D printer can create the same appliances as Lux3+ Dental but is a more compact and economical option for private practices.

iLux's industrial performance offers fast, accurate printing of dental products and an easy-to-use interface.

iLux Pro for Dental Practitioners: iLux Pro Dental 3D printers are ideal for dentist and orthodontist offices. ILux Pro brings dental device production in-house for higher cost-effectiveness and quicker turnaround service. ILux Pro Desktop Dental 3D printer prints aligners, retainers, night guards, and bite splints。

iLux Pro can print clear dental products with LuxCreo's dental resin and eliminates 90% of material usages and labor costs. iLux Pro is also available in two sizes. 

Lux3+ Dental for Dental Labs: Lux3+ Dental printers leverage industrial-grade power and large format printing to support large dental labs and our considerable client base. Lux3+ Dental can simultaneously print multiple aligners, bite splints, crowns, surgical guides, etc., quickly and accurately. Lux3+ Dental allows dental labs to meet scheduled demands more efficiently and remain large outsourcing resources. 

Lux3+ Dental utilizes direct print clear printing and eliminates 90% of material usages and labor costs.

Supported Dental 3D Printing Use Cases

LuxCreo’s smart factory 3D printing solutions for dental are capable of producing a variety of oral devices for restorative and orthodontic applications. Utilizing a suite of cutting-edge dental resins, the smart factory 3D printers produce products that have high strength, low shrinkage, good biocompatibility, and abrasion resistance.

LuxCreo’s dental applications include:

Dental Models

Dental models are used to study teeth anatomy, thermoform removable appliances, and create fixed restorations. LuxCreo’s dental modeling resin, DMR, offers high thermoforming resistance and leaves minimal residual resin on aligners, preserving clearness. DMR’s strong mechanical properties ensure dimensional accuracy for aligners, retainers, and bite splints production.

Clear Aligners

aligner resin

LuxCreo’s printing solutions can directly print clear aligners that require minimal post-processing steps. With the Lux 3D+ printing solution, dental labs and practices can produce eight aligners in a little over an hour using a four-step process:

  1. Print the aligners
  2. Wash the aligners with LuxWash
  3. Dry aligners
  4. UV cure the aligners using the LuxCure station Buff off any support structures from the aligners

*Other printing solutions can take hours or days to produce aligners with extensive labor steps.

Retainers & Bite Splints

LuxCreo’s printing solutions can directly print bite splints,  retainers, and night guards. The bite splints are made with DNG, a biocompatible light-curing resin that offers high flexibility and toughness with minimal post-processing. DNG is uniquely engineered for clear 3D printing at high speeds to enable maximum throughput.

Surgical Guides

Surgical guides protect patient’s mouths during surgery by accurately guiding the surgeon’s drill. For surgical guides to be effective, they must fit the patient’s anatomy and provide precise hole placements. LuxCreo’s powerful combination of software, hardware, and surgical guide resin, DSG, enables the production of guides with the required accuracy and flexural strength.

LuxCreo’s Software and Dental Resins

LuxCreo provides intuitive software and advanced dental resins for simplified and digital dental 3D printing applications workflow. High-performance resins and bundled software packages work with LuxCreo's industrial 3D printers to deliver the highest accuracy and production speed.

3D Printing Software

LuxFlow Dental provides a simplified workflow and an intuitive interface for easy navigation. Users can optimize the placement and orientation of solid models on the build platform to ensure maximum accuracy. Supports generate automatically and allow high throughput printing in any orientation.  


LuxAlign Dental provides a simplified workflow and creates aligners, retainers, and night guards from a scan or dental model in less than four minutes. Users can align thickness, gap, and other parameters and generate a final clear aligner model within minutes. 

Dental Resins

LuxCreo provides a suite of dental resins customized for several orthodontic applications. High-performance dental resin material provides industry-leading strength and dimensionally accurate dental products. Our resins’ strong mechanical properties provide a reduced risk of breaks and lower post-processing waste allowing users to decrease material usage and increase overall throughput without additional cost. 

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