Mechanical Properties Of EM 01

Tear Strength


Tensile Strength


Shore A Hardness


Elongation at Break

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EM 01 is a one-component PU material with high resilience, high detail expressiveness and fast and convenient post-processing technology. After direct printing, only cleaning, curing and simple polishing are required for new product development verification. With LEAP TM nano release technology, EM 01 is suitable for rapid model verification of rubber, polyurethane elastomers and similar structures of crystal lattices, mainly using industrial models.

Mechanical Properties U.S. U.S. U.S.
Ultimate Tensile Strength, ISO 37 1.16 ksi 3.22 ksi 2.42 ksi
Elongation at Break, ISO 37 94% 265% 210%
Tear Strength, ASTM D624, Die-C (die cut) 17.13 ibf/in 135.02 lbf/in 155.88 lbf/in
Rebound Resilience, ISO 4662 34% 43% 58%
Thermal Properties, ASTM D648 U.S. U.S. U.S.
Tg (DMA, tan(d)), ASTM D4065 0.3 ℉ -10.26 ℉ -30.46℉

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