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high Impact strength. HIgh stiffness. 

TM - 81

TM 83
Tough Material

TM83 is LuxCreo’s latest tough material. Characterized by strength, toughness and impact-resistance, it is the ideal choice for producing functional parts that must withstand high stresses and impact. It is an ideal material for aviation, automobile, and other industrial applications.

Mechanical Properties Of TM 83

Ultimate Tensile Strength

47 MPa

Tensile Modulus

1380 MPa

Elongation At Break


Shore D Hardness


Heat Deflection Temperature




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TM - 81

Tough Material

LuxCreo's high performance tough material TM-81 is tough and impact resistant. It is an ideal choice for producing functional parts that require withstanding stress or strain. TM-81 has broad applications in industries that include athletics, medical, consumer goods, aviation, and automotive.

Mechanical Properties Of TM-81

Ultimate Tensile Strength

52 MPa

Elongation At Break


Flexural Strength

71 MPa

Flexural Modulus

1800 MPa

Notched Lzod

37 J/m

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