Best 3D Dental Printers for Scalable Practices and Labs

Dental appliance producers have long struggled with achieving true scalability. The traditional production methods used to produce oral appliances are often time-consuming and labor-intensive. Depending on the device, turnaround times could last weeks, mainly if the manufacturing process follows a conventional outsourcing workflow. 

Today, 3D dental printers enable labs and practices to solve the issues that limit scalability. Using traditional methods, devices like clear aligners could take two to three weeks to produce. Now, 3D printers can create aligners in a matter of minutes to hours. 

At LuxCreo, we help labs and practices simplify digital dentistry and achieve scalability by offering a range of industry-leading dental solutions. These solutions enable new production capabilities like clear printing aligners, regainers, and splints made possible by combining our powerful printers, easy-to-use software, and durable dental resins. Available in both desktop-chairside and industrial-stand alone production systems, our comprehensive solutions provide dental professionals with the tools needed to accelerate production without compromising quality. 

Here’s how LuxCreo can improve your business model:

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Lux3+ Dental

Flexible, High-Volume Production

The Lux 3+ Dental 3D printer is a perfect blend of high-throughput production and application versatility. A dental appliance-focused variation of LuxCreo’s flagship industrial printer, the Lux 3+ is 2x larger than its Lux 3 predecessor but maintains a 76.5μm resolution in x and y direction Lux 3+’s large build platform and high resolution provides users with the ability to create a larger variety intricate oral devices fast and accurately versus similar sized 3D printers. The printer’s large-format 11.5 in (293 mm) x 6.5 in (165 mm) enables large volume production of multiple appliances in a single print—allowing labs to scale up production when needed quickly and achieve production agility and speed never seen before. 

Compatible with LuxCreo’s complete line of dental resins, the Lux 3+ can manufacture:

By combining the Lux 3+ Dental’s large build platform and LuxCreo’s dental software, this 3D dental printer delivers accuracy, high throughput, and high yield on an industrial scale.

iLux Pro Dental 

Print clear aligners directly with the world’s fastest desktop printer

The iLux Pro is LuxCreo’s premier desktop 3D dental printer achieving industry-leading speed and clear printing. Compact in size but powerful enough to create the same appliances as the Lux 3+ Dental, the iLux Pro allows private dental and orthodontic offices to bring device production in-house. Private practices that integrate the iLux Pro into their regular workflows gain the ability to produce devices internally. By insourcing oral device production, practices can provide customers with quicker and more comfortable service and even create same-day crowns and aligners if the day’s schedule permits. 

The iLux Pro is available in two sizes. Both versions are compatible with the same materials and offer the same functions. However, the iLux Pro 13.3 offers a slightly larger build platform and prints at a higher resolution. 



Ultra-fast desktop 3D printer

A more economical alternative to the iLux Pro, the standard iLux allows dental labs to provide excellent customer service at an affordable price point. Designed with the same build area and resolution capabilities as the iLux Pro 8.9, but with fewer material capabilities, the iLux enables practices of all sizes to create long-lasting, durable devices at quick turnaround times. 

Improve Your Operation’s Scalability with a 3D Dental Printer from LuxCreo

3D printing technology provides dental labs and practices with more scalability than ever before. With the help of LuxCreo’s 3D printing solutions, dental professionals can condense production time and increase output at a rapid pace. Contact LuxCreo today to discuss which option may be right for you.

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