Best Dental 3D Printer Software Options for Labs and Practices

For decades, 3D printers have helped dental operations improve oral device production by digitizing workflows. Although traditional analog workflows are effective, they are both time-consuming and laborious. Consider nightguards, for example. With a traditional workflow, lab technicians can create nightguards in around three weeks. With a digital 3D printing workflow, nightguard production can be condensed into a single day.

The accelerated turnaround of 3D-printed appliances is largely due to innovations in software. LuxCreo’s dental software for 3D printing enables users to design or efficiently produce restorative and orthodontic devices in a streamlined fashion. While analog methods require time-consuming steps like plaster impressions, 3D printing software simplifies the design by replacing physical impressions with highly accurate oral scans. The software allows dentists and lab techs to convert these scans into digital models, and from there, design a device with precision and speed.

To help labs and practices of all sizes benefit from 3D printing, LuxCreo offers multiple dental-focused 3D printing solutions. Our solutions utilize three types of software: LuxFlow, LuxLink, and LuxAlign. Here’s how both forms of dental 3D printer software benefit labs and practices:




LuxDesign is a dental 3D printer software specially crafted for orthodontic device production. Compared to LuxFlow, LuxDesign offers a design experience that drastically simplifies the creation of clear aligners, retainers, and night guards.

Giving users control over aligner thickness, gap, and similar parameters, LuxDesign is an intuitive software that provides complete control over the necessary aspects of device design, removing nonessentials. With these tools, users can complete their digital designs in as little as four minutes, and when used in conjunction with the Lux 3+ Dental printing solution, it can be manufactured in under 30 minutes.

Direct Print Aligner Model


Direct Print Aligner Model

LuxFlow is LuxCreo’s primary dental 3D printer software.

LuxFlow provides users with a simple workflow that streamlines the design process without sacrificing accuracy or control. Dentists and lab techs can use LuxFlow to create a wide range of dental restorations, orthodontic devices, and surgical aids.

The design process begins when the dentist or tech uploads a digital scan of the patient’s mouth. LuxFlow converts the scan into a full 3D model, complete with auto-generated margin lines and support structures. The user can then manually alter all interior and exterior dimensions to ensure that the device will fit the patient.

Once the user finalizes the device’s design parameters, the device can be added to the printer’s batch. LuxFlow’s intuitive batch tools help dentists and techs to find the optimal model placement and orientation to maximize space and guarantee maximum throughput.

From the initial scan upload to finalizing the batch, LuxFlow allows dentists and techs to complete device design in only a few minutes.




Fleet management - Multiple printer management

LuxLink is used in Smart Factories for scheduling, load balancing, and fleet management software. It allows for multiple batches for a printer, can reallocate to other printers, % remains for print, remaining time, resin levels check, and managing multiple printers locally or at Smart Factory. Additionally, it doesn't require a USB stick.

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Discover How LuxCreo’s Dental 3D Printer Software Can Improve Oral Device Production

LuxDesign and LuxFlow empower dental labs and practices to improve the quality of their oral devices and accelerate production turnaround. Both Design and LuxFlow enable practitioner to condense the most time-consuming aspects of dental device design for greater efficiency and daily yield. The complete parameter controls provided by the software also allow users to make the designs as accurate as possible, helping to ensure an excellent patient fit.

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