EM⁺21 - Elastic Materials

LuxCreo offers elastic printing solutions for the highest performance elastic products in the world. Offering services and solutions to enable you to do it. LuxCreo's mission is to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable manufacturing with 3D printing.

What is EM⁺21

LuxCreo's latest elastomer material. Ideal solution for elastic and tear resistant products. Which allows the object to bend, stretch, or compress through multiple rounds of hundreds of thousands of cycles without compromising on quality. EM+21 can be used for cushioning applications, such as shoe midsoles, auto interiors and industrial suspensions.

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Smart Factory

Leveraging Digital 3D Production to bring innovation to market.

Printing Bundles

ILux Pro and Lux Printing Solutions 

Easy To Use

EM+21 is compatible on Lux 3, LA01, and TP02

Cloud Connected

LuxFlow and LuxLink software enables accurate and consistent high yield at production scale.


3D printing solutions for footwear, dental, consumer goods, robotics, automotive and aerospace.