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Conventional dental appliance production requires significant time, skill, and labor. To produce devices like aligners, retainers, crowns, and bridges, dental professionals have traditionally needed to use labor-intensive processes and complicated equipment. In recent years, however, 3D printing has enabled labs and practices to simplify oral device manufacturing. 

Innovative resins, intuitive software, and powerful printing hardware provide dental professionals with the tools needed to streamline workflows and maximize output. Further, advancements in additive manufacturing technology have made 3D printing solutions accessible to both smaller practices as well as larger dental labs. 

At LuxCreo, we offer a variety of printing solutions to meet the needs of differently sized labs and practices. Here’s how the right 3D printing dental solution can help improve your business model:

How Does the Process Work?

First,3D printing replaces the invasive and uncomfortable molding process with digital intraoral scans. A dental office with an in-house 3D printer can capture digital images of the patient’s mouth to create a 3D CAD model. Instead of outsourcing, practitioners can simplify the process, even printing some appliances in the office on the same day. The systems involve basic training to use, don’t require a skilled technician, and being almost fully automated, are user-friendly. 

The faster turnaround time of advanced 3D printers lets dental offices expedite treatment plans and deliver highly accurate aligners, night guards, retainers, and other appliances. Traditionally, products such as clear aligner sets take weeks to produce. 3D dental design services in labs and practices streamline the production workflow through batch printing, reducing lead time to deliver finished products back to the practitioner or the patient.                

LuxCreo’s clear aligners
LuxCreo’s clear aligners

Why are LuxCreo’s Solutions Better than Other 3D Printing Companies?

LuxCreo’s 3D printing solutions for dental labs and practices offer ease of use and less technical knowledge. Additionally, they provide flexible solutions in terms of build areas and speed, printing resolution and accuracy, post-processing, and scalability.

The hardware, software, and advanced resins were designed holistically to accelerate the adoption of digital dentistry with customizable products. By adopting the 3D printing solutions offered by LuxCreo, dental labs and practices gain the following benefits:

  1. Accuracy and Speed: LuxDesign software can go from digital scan/dental model to aligner in less than four minutes. Advanced materials such as DNG possess industry-leading toughness and biocompatibility. 

  2. Versatility: LuxCreo’s various 3D printing solutions offer options to meet the unique needs of different sized labs and practices. The Lux3+ is a large format printer that can create many appliances in a single batch. The iLux Dental and the iLux Pro Dental are ideal for smaller practices. Whatever your business requirements, LuxCreo has a flexible solution.

  3. Optimized Workflow: LuxCreo’s LuxFlow software provides a fast, digitalized production workflow. Rotate tools include a fixed option and mirroring. Additionally, support generation can be automatically applied or removed. Batch tools make it simple to print multiple appliances in one job. Other features include marking and slice tools.

  4. Reduced Post-Processing: Legacy 3D printing solutions require post-processing steps for retainers, clear aligners, and bite splints, leading to increased production time. LuxCreo’s 3D printing dental solutions enable direct printing of highly accurate clear appliances that require fewer post-processing steps.

  5. Cost: The cost of 3D printers was too high in the early 2000s for private dental practices to invest. Technology advances have lowered the price of 3D printers, with LuxCreo’s solutions offering a lower total cost of ownership compared to other alternatives. Up-front costs are mitigated in the long term with the elimination of shipping and expensive manual labor.

The advantages of dental design solutions by LuxCreo not only benefit dental offices and labs but get passed on to patients who get customized, accurate, and better fit oral devices with trips to the office.

Why are LuxCreo’s Solutions Better than Other 3D Printing Companies?

With Luxcreo’s digital dental production workflow, dental offices and labs can design many appliances including:


The iLux ProDental 3D printers are designed to facilitate the in-house manufacturing of dental appliances such as aligners by private dental offices. The high-performance and fast desktop 3D printer, along with Lux 3+ dental printing solution, can directly print eight clear aligners in 30 minutes, making it possible for patients to leave with a whole set in a single visit to the office. 

Learn more about iLux Series.


The traditional process of creating retainers is long and uncomfortable for patients, involving multiple visits to the doctor’s office. The 3D printing of retainers with LuxCreo’s dental printing material simplifies the manufacturing process, providing a better patient experience, and accelerated turnaround time. 


An integrated hardware and software l bundle for dental offices provides faster production of various appliances onsite to provide same-day delivery to patients. Lux 3+, iLux Dental, and iLux Pro Dental systems simplify the production of 3D printing of occlusal splints and make it possible to replace a lost or broken occlusal splint within an hour with minimal post-processing. 

Learn more about LuxCreo’s Dental Solutions.     

Crown and Bridge

LuxCreo’s dental crown and bridge (DCB) material offers high flexural, tensile, and impact strength to ensure long-term wear resistance. The balance between inorganic fillers and resin lends high strength and toughness to DCB, while its non-toxic and biocompatible properties imitate the look and feel of natural teeth. 

Learn more about Dental Crown and Bridge.   

Try Ins

The fast printability, biocompatibility, and high accuracy of Dental Try-In (DTI) material improves the verification of design and function in dental models and helps assess clinical try-in fit. 

Learn more about Dental Try-In.    

Night Guards

The biocompatibility and toughness of Dental Night Guards (DNG) resin is uniquely engineered for high-speed 3D printing of night guards, retainers, and dental splints with minimal post-processing. 

Learn more about Dental Night Guards. 

Models Castings

High-quality castings are characterized by accuracy, low shrinkage, and no fractures. LuxCreo’s E-max, metal casting is an ash-free, dental casting resin (DCR) that prevents fracturing and allows smooth removal of the casting from the machine.

Learn more about Dental Casting Resin.  

Gingival Masks

Lending flexibility to accurate dental restorations, the Dental Gingival Mask (DGM) mimics the texture and appearance of gum tissue. It can be used along with other materials to improve flexibility in dental models.

Learn more about Dental Gingival Mask.  

Bonding Tray

3D printing of indirect bonding trays requires a resin that enables precise bracket placement. The high tensile strength and flexibility of Dental Indirect Bonding Tray (DIBT) ease bracket placement and effortless removal. 

Learn more about Dental Indirect Bonding Tray.   

Denture Base

LuxCreo’s DDB is suitable for printing a high-resolution, low shrinkage denture base. The biocompatible material supports precise-fitting dentures and is ideal for removable dentures that are worn long-term. 

Learn more about Dental Denture Base.  

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With such advanced and versatile industrial-grade printers, dental software, and a range of FDA-qualified dental resins, LuxCreo’s 3D printing dental solutions enable dental offices and labs to create accurate and high-performance dental, orthodontic, and restorative modeling.

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